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QOLSYS QZ2140-840 IQ plug in lamp module dimmer Z-Wave smart home

$49.99 USD

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QOLSYS | QZ2140-840 IQ DIMMER Z-Wave smart home


The IQ Dimmer is plug in lamp module that allows you control a lamp on, off or any degree in between. It plugs into any standard outlet and acts as a repeater to strengthen the performance of your Z-Wave network.



- Plugs into any standard outlet
- Allows any lamp to become dimmable
- Remotely offers control to turn lamps On or Off
- Acts as Z-Wave repeater
- Sleek, discreet look
- Set automation rules such as “Turn on at sunset” or “When someone walks into room, turn on light”
- Light allows a clear indicator if outlet is On or Off



- Input Power: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
- Max Output Loading: 2.5A, 300W incandescent, 65W dimmable CFL/LED
- Radio Frequency: 908.4/916 MHz
- Wireless Range: Up to 130 ft line of sight
- Normal Operating Temperature: 77°F

*for indoor use only

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