Russound Wall Mounted local Input module for A-Bus BTA-2

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Simplify in-home wireless streaming with this Russound Bluetooth module for A-BUS installations. It automatically switches the active source to a paired Bluetooth device when a signal is received, and it provides a high-quality audio signal via aptX encoding for an improved listening experience. Customize this Russound Bluetooth module with a username and password for secure access.

Bluetooth® as a Main Source

The BTA-2 can be used as an input device in small installations, such as hotel rooms, where transmission range is not a problem. The BTA-2 is connected from its output socket to any A-BUS hub with an input or Expansion Input. It can also be inserted in a main source CAT-5 cable between input module and hub, overriding the main source when paired.

Operating Range

Bluetooth devices are intended to provide wireless communication between enabled devices within a room. The BTA-2 has been designed to provide reliable operating range in difficult situations. In good situations, its range can be up to 15 meters (50’); however, this distance can be reduced significantly by a number of local factors such as transmission interference from other communication devices, electrical wiring and room construction materials, such as brick walls and concrete floors, etc. When the BTA-2 is operating near maximum range, the signal may intermittently drop in and out, as signal strength varies.

Bluetooth Source Volume Level Compatibility

The audio output level from Bluetooth enabled devices can vary from brand to brand. The BTA-2 has been adjusted to be equal to the output of most Bluetooth devices; in some cases the level may be higher. Most devices have their own adjustable volume level and it is recommended that this is used to adjust the output level to match the main audio source’s volume level.

Room Identification

Each BTA-2 is identified by an individual code number beginning with the prefix AB (ABxxx). The identification code can be replaced with individual room name identification (eg. Bedroom, Study, Patio, etc,) prior to installation. Visit to download renaming software onto a computer and connect the BTA-2 with the mini USB cable supplied and follow the on-screen prompts.