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Rutherford Controls (RCI)

Rutherford Controls RCI Rim Electric Door Strike Surface Mounted 1/2" 0163

$294.99 USD

This solenoid rim strike is a surface-mounted electric strike designed to work with Pullman style rim exit device latches.
• Designed to fit in tight situations where the exit device is mounted very close to the door frame, e.g. aluminum storefront applications.
• Solenoid technology.
• For maximum latch engagement,
the strike keeper has been designed to pivot out of the strike body versus rolling out of the strike.
• Accommodates 1/2“ to 3/4“
(13 mm–19 mm) latch projection.
• Horizontal adjustment ensures proper latch positioning to comp- ensate for door misalignment – up to 1/4“ (6.4 mm).
1Max at 12VDC
• Shim may be added to the strike cavity to engage with misaligned deadlatch.
• Lockdown holes for secure mount.
• Cooler operation – runs cool to the touch; no suppressor kit needed.
• High-grade stainless steel ensures superior strength and creates a sleek aesthetic.
• Non-handed.
• Plug-in wire connectors.
• UL294ListedforAccessControl
Unit Accessory (6th Edition).
• UL1034burglary-resistantListed.

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