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Sargent and Greenleaf S&G

S&G Titan D-Drive Digital Safe Lock Gun, Jewelry Sargent And Greenleaf

$160.00 USD

Titan D-Drive S&G safe lock Reliable, secure motor actuated locking mechanism.
Lock bolt is retracted and extend by manually rotating the keypad bezel.
One million codes to choose from.
Field programmable (via keypad) for single control, and employee/manager modes; changeable at any time.
Default operating mode is single control, but the lock can easily be set to a permanent dual control mode.
One master code, one supervisor code, one time delay override code, seven user codes (eight user codes if time delay override is not enabled).
Factory programmed Management Reset Code can be changed to an MRC of your own choosing during the initial lock setup (MRC is not available if the lock is set to dual control mode).
Programmable time delay of one to ninety-nine minutes can easily be programmed and activated from the keypad.
Time delay opening window can be set from one to fifteen minutes.
Penalty lockout feature shuts the lock down for ten minutes if five or more incorrect codes are entered in a row to deter random code entry attempts.
All programming is accomplished via the keypad; no special programming tools required.
Deadlocking, motor-blocked bolt withstands over 225 lbs. of end and side pressure.
Uses S&G's "Magic Module" footprint to match the mounting dimensions of most mechanical and electronic locks.
The Titan D-Drive can be mounted RH, LH, VU, and VD with no alterations.
Low profile rotating keypad is only 1" (25.4 mm) high, and is 3 3/4" (9.5 cm) in diameter.