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Safety Techonogy International

SAFETY TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL UB-1PN Universal Button,Pneumatic,1-5/8 In.

$174.99 USD

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The Pneumatic button has a mechanical adjustable timer which opens or closes a circuit and has a timed delay before reset. It does not require power for actuation and has a timer life of over 1,000,000 operations. When local code or authority requires a pneumatic button be used, this device solves the problem.

Universal Button helps eliminate having to stock dozens of push buttons, and wasting precious time and money tracking down just the right button for a customer. It offers many options to provide just what a customer wants in one convenient package. It's ready to be assembled out of box and is easily installed within minutes on site.The UB-1PN offers many different combinations for the price of a standard one configuration button. The faceplate is constructed of cast aluminum metal, allowing it to take tough knocks in stride, and is slightly oversized to cover old plate installation marks. Button package includes: faceplate, three push buttons, five button messages and seven changeable illuminated activation messages.

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