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Sargent 16-8810-F-32D Exit Device Satin Stainless Steel Cylinder Dogging

$1,024.99 USD


8810 Series Exit Device

16-8810-F-32D (EA/1)

Rail Size F, Cylinder Dogging, Less ET Trim, US32D Satin Stainless Steel

The Sargent 80 Series exit devices are ideal for environments that require strong and durable security solutions that will last the life of the building. Available in rim, mortise, surface vertical and concealed vertical rod configurations, these exit devices easily exceed ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 requirements for cycle and strength. With modular construction and few moving parts, the 80 Series devices are maintenance-free and provide unsurpassed security for any facility. Plus, options are available for unique applications including delayed egress, alarmed exit and electric latch retraction making these exit devices the go-to product in your building.The 8800 series is designed for standard width stile applications on wood and metal doors.The 8800 Series is a reversible rim exit device that sets the industry standards for durability and reliability. It is part of Sargent's full line of exit devices.

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