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Security Door Controls (SDC)

SDC Electromagnetic Lock, Single, Surface Mount, 1200 Lb Holding Force 1571V

$294.99 USD

SDC’s patented EMLock® design represents the pinnacle of mag- netic lock evolution. The modular EMLock® assembly makes them easy to stock, install, upgrade and maintain.

SDC 1500 series EMLocks® include a lifetime warranty and are available in 650lbs, 1200lbs, and 1650lbs holding force. Compatible with any access control system, all EmLocks® are adaptable to virtually any application utilizing Top Jamb or Glass Door mounting kits. The epoxy-less design provides a superior appearance with a plated or anodized finish on all sides. The interlocking EZ mount assembly leaves hands free for wiring and securing of mounting screws. EMLocks® are UL Listed and ANSI Grade 1 compliant.


• Modular Design
• Modular Upgrade Kits
• Field Upgradeable without removing from the frame
• Uniform Design & Installation
• Identical Housing, Template & Accessories
• Quick Mount Assembly


Self Drilling & Tapping Sheet Metal Screws and 10/32 Machine Screws supplied for different application needs. 

Blind nuts and Tool are optional.

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