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SECURITRON Stainless Steel Door Cord, 36 In TSB-CXL, Lt Gray or Black Caps

$39.95 USD

The TSB - Door Cord is the simplest and most economical solution for power transfer between a door frame and the door. Designed with an armored stainless steel cable and mounting caps for ease of installation.

Securitron TSB-CXL - Door Cord With Gray/Black Caps - 36" Cord


  • 18" cord is standard with Touch Sense Bar and Touch Sense Handle but may also be purchased separately
  • Consists of a 36" [920mm] armored stainless steel cable and plastic end pieces in light gray and black
  • Cable has an interior diameter of .25" [6mm]
  • Supports interior wire cables up to .2" [5mm] thick

Shipping Weight : 0.10 lbs [0.05kg]

Finishes: US32/630 - Satin Stainless Steel flex cord, with plastic end caps 


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