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Security Door Controls (SDC)

Security Door Controls Integrated Delayed Egress Lock, Dual Voltage 1511SNAKV

$949.99 USD


Voice And digital display provides informative annunciation for people without prior knowledge, including the blind And hearing impaired. Field selectable voice and tone or tone only. Voice provides warning or safety message, countdown And time of door release. Digital countdown display also indicates if door was open after lock release. Fixed 15 Sec delay or selectable 15 or 30 Sec exit delay.


  • Field selectable voice message and alarm tone, or alarm tone only, 75 db at 3 ft
  • The visual display provides a digital countdown, indicates lock release And verifies if the door was opened for egress
  • Choice of fixed 15 Sec exit and 1 Sec nuisance delay or field selectable 15 or 30 Sec exit delay and 1 or 2 Sec nuisance delay
  • Field selectable security or safety message
  • Field selectable activation: Door movement; Exit device with switch kit; Exit sense bar for non-latching doors
  • Field selectable autoatic or manual relock upon power up after emergency release or power loss
  • Integrated 3 position key switch provides: Lock and alarm reset; Manual power-up; Sustained bypass; Timed bypass, ad for 1, 15, 20 or 30 Sec
  • Field selectable door prop alarm: Alarm sounds when door is left open after selected bypass time has elapsed
  • Anti-tailgate feature
  • Single or multi-door zone control And reset capability
  • Remote access control and REX input, field adjustable for 1,15, 20 or 30 Sec
  • Remote reset input
  • Manupower-up input
  • Emergency release input
  • Door secure and unlocked output
  • Delayed egress activation alarm output
  • Alarm panel closed dry contact, opening of contact releases lock fire alarm release
  • SPDT dry, 1 Amp At 30 Volt DC alarm output and lock sec unlocked output

Tech Info

SPDT dry, 1 Amp At 30 Volt DC alarm output and lock secure unlocked output