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Silent Knight

Silent Knight Signal Line Circuit Expander, 24 VDC Honeywell 5815XL

$549.99 USD


The 5815XL is a signaling line circuit controller that allows you to add 99 SK modules and 99 SK detectors or 127 SD addressable detectors depending on the protocol selection of the fire alarm control panel it is connected to. Compatible with IntelliKnight 5820XL and 5820XL-EVS addressable fire alarm control panels.

The Model 5815XL SLC Expander is a signaling line circuit controller for Silent Knight’s IntelliKnight 5820XL FACP or 5820XL-EVS FACP with Emergency Voice System. It allows you to add 99 SK modules and 99 SK devices or 127 SD addressable devices to the IntelliKnight system.

Add up to three 5815XLs to a system to achieve the maximum number of devices on the system. 5815XL signaling circuits have the same functionality as the SLC that is built into the IntelliKnight panel and support the same addressable devices as the main panel. The 5815XL connects to the panel via the RS 485 bus.


  • Adds 99 SK Modules and 99 SK Detectors or 127 SD Addressable Devices to a 5820XL or 5820XL EVS Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
  • Upto Three 5815XLS per System
  • LED?Indicates Good Communication
  • Communicates on Most Standard Wiring Systems (Ideal for etrofits)