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Silent Knight

Silent Knight Fire Alarm Audio Messaging Amplifier, 125watt Amp EVS-125W

$2,749.00 USD

Product Overview

The EVS-125W is an intelligent 125 watt amplifier for use with version 14.0 or newer 5820XL-EVS. The EVS-125W is used to amplify audio messaging throughout an area or facility. The EVS-125W is capable of producing 125 watts of audio power over 4, expandable to 8, fully programmable speaker circuits.


  • Comes with 4 Fully Programmable Class A or Class B Speaker Circuits
  • Expansion up to 8 Speaker Circuits with the EVS-CE4
  • Six Wire Connection to the 5820XL-EVS System
  • Two Wires for the Voice Bus (VBUS) and Four Wires for the SBUS Connections
  • Can be Moued up to 6000 Feet Away from the 5820XL-EVS Control Panel
  • Made in USA