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Simplex 9190000-04-41 Deadlatch 1-3/4"-2-1/8" Thick Mechanical Combination Lock

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Simplex 9190000-26D-41 Deadlatch 1-3/4"-2-1/8" Thick Mechanical Combination Lock


The Kaba 9190000-04-41 US4 Satin Brass, Pushbutton Lock Thumbturn Inside is a Simplex mechanical pushbutton lock offering a convenient way to control access between public and private areas.

There are no keys or cards to manage, no computers to program, no batteries to replace, and combinations can be changed in seconds without removing the lock from the door.

PIN Access - Mechanical Pushbutton Lock - Single Access Code – Exit Trim - Thumbturn

Kaba 900 Series catalog

Model Options

5/8” (16mm) Deadlocking spring latch, flat front, 1-3/4”- 2-1/8” (44mm-54mm) thick, latch holdback


-Single access code—one easy to manage code for all users

-Lock is easily programmed via keypad without removing lock from the door

-Field reversible latch; invert the lock for right hand doors; roman numerals are easily read in either orientation

-Locking Device Options:

Deadbolt — 1" throw, manual relock

Deadlocking latch — 5/8" throw, with automatic relock

Operation Mode Options

-Single credential—access

-Latch holdback—keeps latch retracted to allow access with combination (select models)

Certification and Standards:

-Highly weather resistant


-1-year warranty

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