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Speco Technologies CVCJBD Small Round Junction Box (Silver)

$44.99 USD

Speco Technologies CVCJBD Small Round Junction Box (Silver)

The silver Small Round Junction Box from Speco Technologies allows you to mount select Speco dome cameras to a ceiling. This junction box can also be used with select Speco mounts in order to mount your dome camera to a wall, corner, or pendant mount.


Speco Technologies Dome Cameras:

HT5940H, HTINT59K, HT5940K (with 59PLATE adapter plate)

HTINT60K and HT6040K (with 60PLATE adapter plate)

HTMD1H and HTINTMD1H (with OADP4 adapter plate)

HHDO15D1G, HTD10XH, HT648H, HT649H, HT670H, HT671H, HT672H, HT7246iHR, HT7247iHR, HT7246H, HT7248FFI, HT7250H, HT7250iHR, HT7247H, WDRD10H, WDRD11H, and WDRD20H, O2D4 and OiD4

O2MD1, O2MD2, O5MDP1, O2B5, and OiMD1 (with OADP4 adapter plate)

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