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Speco Technologies

Speco Technologies HD-TVI Indoor/Outdoor Bullet Camera w/ Varifocal lens

$324.99 USD

Speco Technologies HD-TVI Indoor/Outdoor Bullet Camera with 2.8-12mm Varifocal Lens, IR LEDs

Speco Technologies HT7040T Overview

Use coax cabling to connect the HD-TVI Indoor/Outdoor Bullet Camera with 2.8-12mm Varifocal Lens from Speco to a DVR system. The camera uses a 1/3" CMOS image sensor to provide full resolution pictures at 30fps, while the IR LEDs allow for images to be recorded up to 98' away in completely dark settings. The auto iris varifocal lens allows for wide viewing angles or can be zoomed in for specific point focus. The sense-up, day/night, and backlight compensation features assist in assuring that changing light levels won't affect the imaging leaving you with consistently clear footage. Though the camera's lighting settings are adjustable, the lighting settings for indoor, outdoor, low light, lobby, and elevator environments are preset for convenient and quick set up. Individualize the camera's recording to your specific needs by arranging for recording to start only when triggered by motion detection and by blocking off private areas from being recorded. Featuring anti-moisture glass around the lens and a vandal and tamper resistant IP67 rated enclosure, the camera will remain functional even in harsh outdoor weather environments.

Offers high resolution imaging passed through coaxial cables
Infrared LEDs allow for images to be recorded even in the absence of light
Varifocal lens offers the ability to record a large area or zoom in on a specific spot
On screen display operates through on-board control and UTC and offers detailed settings of features for adjusting the camera to specific needs
DNR settings allows for cleaner images by removing unwanted noise
Day/Night, backlight compensation, and sense-up settings allow for viewable images even in environments with changing light levels
WDR ability provides for detailed pictures
Adjustable white balance creates accurate color depiction
Auto gain control adjusts for maintaining strong illumination signals
Motion detection can be programmed for specific zones
Privacy masking zones allow you to record only desired areas
Camera offers on/off settings for mirroring and v-flip
3-axis rotation for wall or ceiling mounting
Heater circuitry and anti-moisture glass avoids condensation from gathering on the lens
IP67 rated enclosure