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Stanley 2-Door Expansion Kit for Access control w/ Mullion reader

$789.00 USD

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Stanley 909028126 2-DOOR EXPANSION KIT Access control
 We designed the Stanley Starter Kit to meet the needs of your customers everyday access control requirements. It offers sophisticated functionality for businesses with as little as 1 door or as many as 128 and is found primarily in commercial facilities and institutional settings, such small businesses, small office buildings, retail establishments, medical/professional practices and daycare centers.
Typically, the majority of these systems range from 2 to 16 doors and represent approximately 75% of the market for electronic access control.
These entry-level applications often include:
Small Systems (2-16 Doors)
Single Door or Single Building Applications Reception Area/Remote Buildings
Remote Gate or barrier
Remote building

Stanley’s Access Control Starter Kit is designed to provide a cost effective solution, for small- and medium-size businesses and large enterprises with a mix of large and small sites. With the Starter Kit you can start small and easily expand and upgrade your access control system as your needs change.
The Starter Kit is so easy to install — delivering an easy-to-implement and access control solution with state of the art technology, processing power and speed not usually found at this price point. Unprecedented scalability allows for easy system expansion, whether you need to add doors or system functions, the Stanley Starter Kit gives you a clear path to future growth.
System configuration and ordering is very easy using both the Starter and Expansion Kits. The Starter Kit provides all the essentials needed to get up and running quickly, while the Expansion kit is used to expand the system at any time in two-door increments.
The Stanley PAC Access software is a comprehensive access control application designed for use with the Stanley Starter and Expansion Kit. Fast single-click installation on a Windows PC, photo-badging, multiple client workstations, simple operation and an event viewer for real-time monitoring of system activities, allow management of one building or the ability access multiple remote sites from a network.
systems and future technology to provide you with a versatile, simple to operate and cost efficient access control solution.

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