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Supra 001192 Keysafe Portable Keybox

$33.00 USD

Supra 001192 Keysafe Portable Keybox

The Supra 001192 push button portable keybox will store up to 3 keys. It will easily hang from anywhere around your house. If you have a need for spare key storage, this keybox will provide you with it. It is tamper resistant and is very easy to use. The push button combination can be changed at any time and has thousands of possible combinations. The Supra 001192 keysafe portable keybox provides a better solution than just hiding a spare key for the burglars to find. Secure your spare key storage today!


C3 Portable Push Button
Clamshell Packaging
Titanium w/Black Coloring
Hangs easily on any doorknob, fence, railing or pipe. Just open the key box, lift the shackle and hang.
Easy to use and the push button combination can be changed at any time.
No tools are necessary
Stores up to 3 conventional keys
Hanging shackle has a protective cover so it won't scratch
Great for outbuildings, office copy centers, credit card storage, access card controlled areas, maintenance sheds, etc.

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