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Talkaphone AOR-16 Area Of Refuge 16-CH Emergency Command Unit.

$4,199.99 USD

Area of Refuge/Rescue (AOR) Command Unit (model AOR-16) is part of Talkaphone’s total AOR solution that accommodates up to 16 ADA-compliant Area of Refuge/Rescue stations.

It consists of a command unit, a selected number of AOR stations (flush or surface mounted), and AOR signage to accommodate the selected number of AOR stations. The ADA-compliant AOR stations are powered by the command unit using one twisted-shielded pair cable from each AOR station to the command unit.

When the user initiates an emergency call from an AOR station, a tone is heard to confirm the call has been placed and an LED light indicates the call has been received. At the same time, the command unit’s strobe starts flashing and the siren is initiated. If there are other callers on the line, the command unit receives and queues the call. Each queued emergency call is displayed as a flashing red light on the command unit, which can be labeled for easy location identification. AOR stations can also be programmed to play a location identifier message when a call is answered. An active call is displayed as solid red. The command unit’s siren deactivates when the call is answered by local fire personnel. The strobe will deactivate only when all emergency lines have been cleared. Includes hardware to detect short/open conditions on cabling for each area of rescue station.  With this update, the system will also recognize a general ground fault condition.  Such trouble conditions will be annunciated and visually indicated at the AOR Series Command Unit.

The command unit can route an emergency phone call to a 911 center or other designated location via a TELCO line if no one is available to answer the call after an installer programmed amount of time. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is included to provide more than 4 hours of backup of the complete communications system.