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Tempo Communication

Tempo Communications Greenlee 620K-G Security / Alarm Tone and Probe Kit

$224.99 USD

The Greenlee® Communications Tempo 620K-G Security and Alarm Tone and Probe Kit, designed specifically for the security and alarm industry, features increased sensitivity and adjustable volume control for precise identification. It provides a simple method for identifying intermittent failures (swingers) and confirming operation of switches at remote locations. Use the patented inductive amplifier with any tone generator to identify and trace wire pairs or single conductors within a group without damaging insulation.

The Tempo 602K-G kit includes the PE620 tone generator and 200EP inductive amplifier that come in a durable padded Cordura carrying case with Velcro strap and belt loop. This universal pouch accommodates any standard Tempo tone and probe pair. The .75-pound kit is 12" x 4" x 2". One-year warranty.

The versatile loop verifier offers convenience, ease of use and true performance as a continuity tester. It can be connected to a loop pair and provides a distinctly audible alarm tone. The latching feature simplifies identifying intermittent failures and confirming operation of switches at remote locations. In latching mode, it catches the alarm condition and continues sounding until it is reset. As a tone generator, the 620K-G provides a traditional variable tone that can be applied using red and black test leads or convenient modular plug. Magnetic back plate allows the loop verifier to be mounted directly to a control panel cabinet or door. 

The 200EP inductive amplifier has recessed terminals for hand-set connection. Push-button on/off control conserves battery life. Two interchangeable conductive plastic tips reduce risk of shorting wires or terminals when searching for tone.

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