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Tempo Communication

Tempo Communications TM-500 Tele-Mate Telephone Test Set

$174.99 USD

In the evolving world of telecommunications, the TEMPO Tele-Mate® Telephone Test Set is an easy to use, DSL Compatible Telephone Test Set designed to help technicians install, service and maintain voice service with ease. Able to tackle the complexities of today’s analogue tele-communication lines, the TM-500 offers the convenience of line powered (no battery needed) operation and useful features like a high impedance monitor that is data and DSL safe, polarity test, speed dial, last number dialed and pulse dialing, making a technician more productive. 

The TM-500 not only works in handset mode, but can be used with the headset (included) for easy hands-free operation. The TM-500 is safe to operate with over-voltage and current detection.

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