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Triplett Low Voltage PRO Mutifunctional Cable, Network Tester Kit LVPRO30

$599.99 USD

Triplett Low Voltage PRO Mutifunctional Cable, Network Tester Kit LVPRO30

The Triplett LVPRO is an industry leading cable tester that runs a variety of cable testing procedures such as wiremap, timing tests (delay, skew), impedance measurement, Ethernet switch port blink, speaker pop, cable length, PoE volts, loaded battery test and 1/1/1 indication, plus it gives you the ability to store and print up to 25 test reports. Three models to choose from. Model LVPRO2 has 7 test apps and is Web upgradeable to Model LVPRO3 which has 13 test apps. Model LVPRO3SR adds Smart Remotes to Model LVPRO3. The LVPRO comes complete with Detachable Remote, F Male to BNC Male, F Male to BNC Female, (2) RJ45 patch cables, RJ45 to alligator clip adapter, USB cable, (4) AA batteries and carrying case. Models 3 and 3SR also include: 1 RJ45 remotes, 1 Coax remotes, and 3 RLQ adapters. In addition, Model 3SR includes Smart Remotes.

Main Features
  • Works with virtually all cable types including speaker cable, coax, alarm cable and Category cable (CAT5,6). If you have a unique cable, the LVPro has adjustable VOP, a technology that allows the LVPro to be tuned to your cable
  • Perform detailed wiremap, measure cable distance to open or short, test coax and RJ11 cables for faults
  • Check line voltage on RJ45 (PoE) and telephone lines, measure incoming data speed, store and print up to 25 Reports (Model 3 or higher)
  • Test modules available with additional features, Web upgradeable using the LVPro Manager software and included USB cable