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Uplink 5500EZ 4 input LTE Universal Cellular Alarm Communicator

$149.99 USD

The Uplink 5500EZ includes the latest LTE technology for the best performance and longest life cycle. Compatible with 3G and LTE cellular networks, the 5500EZ also operates on redundant networks for maximum reliability. The 5500EZ is designed as a summary event communicator. Installation of the Uplink 5500EZ is remarkably easy with the use of a secure website and unit switch settings. Activation is instant and is available using the dealer website or by a live operator.

Uplink 5500EZ Device Feature:

  • Primary or redundant alarm communications for residential or commercial security
  • Supports virtually all security systems and multiple formats
  • Programmable monthly, weekly, or daily status and signal tests
  • Power from the panel or separate 12V DC power supply (not included)
  • Two web configurable outputs
  • Web and smartphone apps for remote arming and disar