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Von Duprin

VON DUPRIN 99EO US26D 3' Exit Device, Grade 1

$875.00 USD

 Von Duprin 99 Panic Bar Exit Hardware

This is the 99 Series with the ridges along the side - for smooth sides buy the 98 Series panic bar.

Series 99 exit and fire devices ... modern touchbar styling for heavy traffic applications. Available in rim, mortise lock, surface and concealed vertical rod mountings.

Designed for use on flush and wide stile doors, and fits 86 and 161 stock hollow metal cutouts.

Devices are UL listed Panic Hardware (FVSR) SA163 (N). Fire devices (F) are UL listed Fire Exit Hardware (GXHX) R4504 (N), A label. Tested in accordance to ANSI A156.3, 1989, Grade 1.

We are selling the 99EO unit here.
Use the descriptions below to create what function unit you want. Just purchase the correct Trim

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