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Von Duprin Electric Door Strike Fail Secure 12/24V DC Stainless Steel 6300-32D

$429.99 USD

Von Duprin Electric Door Strike Fail Secure 12/24V DC Stainless Steel 6300-32D Surface mounted strike for rim exit devices

Von Duprin electric strikes are known for their reliability, durability and security. The 6300 Series strike is designed to withstand abuse with its heavy-duty stainless steel certification construction is fully UL 1034 and UL 10C listed.

The 6300 Series strike is designed for use with a variety of rim exit devices. As an electrified strike, it allows remote release of a locked door by activating a movable lip (keeper) using an entry/exit button or credential reader and can be a cost effective means for managing access. It is ideal for aftermarket applications and designed to install without modifying or altering the door frame.

Designed for fail-secure (FSE) only mode, the 6300 Series strike achieves compliance with UL10C for 3-hour fire-rated openings. It also enables field-selectable 12 or 24 VDC with AC conversion optional.

To assure the proper selection of an electric strike on new applications, lockset compatibility charts are shown on the next page. When using a lockset not listed or when retrofitting a strike to an existing application, please contact Von Duprin Technical Support for application assistance.

  • Requires No Alteration or Cutting to Existing Frame
  • UL1034 Burglary Resistant
  • Non Handed
  • UL10C Electric Strike for Fire Door
  • Field Selectable Voltage 12VDC or 24VDC

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