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W Box Technologies

WBox Cable Tester RJ45, Tone Generator, Easy To Read LCD Screen, 0E-RJ45TESTR

$74.99 USD

W Box 0E-RJ45TESTR RJ45 Cable Tester, Tone Generator, Easy to Read LCD Screen

The W Box RJ45 Cable Tester is a pocket-size data cable tester. It tests and troubleshoots RJ45 terminated cables, provides built-in tone generation for cable tracing and detects either two test and mapping remotes and up to five network ID remotes for mapping end locations.

Main Features

  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Read LCD Screen
  • Detects Shorts, Opens, Reversals, Misfires, and Split Pairs
  • Tone Generator
  • Remote ID detection
  • Auto Power-off