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W Box Technologies

WBox Technologies 28" Ultra HD 4K Pro-Grade Color Monitor 0E-28LED4K2

$398.99 USD

28" Ultra HD 4K Pro-Grade Color Monitor; 3860 X 2160P 4K Resolution; VGA, HDMI, BNC.

This professional grade widescreen LED 28” color monitor offers HDMI, VGA, & BNC inputs. With an additional BNC looping output its versatility will allow it to work for any application. Boasting 16.7 million colors 4K UHD Resolution this monitor will make your video come to life.


• 28” Diagonal Viewing Size
• 3860 x 2160P Full HD Resolution
• DVI, VGA, BNC & HDMI Inputs
• Source Auto Detection
• Quick Touch Scalability 16:9/4:3
• Includes Audio, VGA, HDMI & Power Cables